House Promotion

In the beginning of my second year living in a house with 5-6 other tenants, we decided to produce a promotional house photograph to spread over social media and hang on our wall. Inspired by high fashion photography and the Italian affluent, the concept was born. I acted as the art director, stager, and post production photo retoucher. Photography and color grading by Aidan Guynes. Description: "Two Maseratis and a Ferrari approach a quaint villa in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Dawn is breaking as seven suited men stumble from the cars up the long driveway. One loosens his tie, another drapes a jacket over his shoulder, and they all unwind from yet another nocturnal escapade. A figure emerges from the doorway and glows with pride as she embraces them one by one. “My boys!” she says, as she lovingly herds them inside. It is Momma Giuseppe, whose rough fingers pinch each worn cheek and bring them back to a simpler time. The familiar scent of the kitchen wafts through the home, drawing a stark contrast to the night of fast living. Despite their protests, Momma Giuseppe sits them around a rustic kitchen table as she raids her cabinets for leftovers. In a matter of minutes, a diverse spread of Italian delicacies cover the table. “You are too good to us, Momma.” She smiles, savoring this moment, and takes a picture in her mind’s eye..."

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