Lego Playbox

This was Justin Mosley and my Merit Award Winning submission to The One Club's Young One Competition for Lego's Playbox initiative. These are in store point of purchase posters created to promote this program. Our Justification: The “Let the Games Begin” campaign promotes LEGO Playbox by using Olympic imagery to convey the idea of unity through competition. The Olympics are about more than just winning. They are about bringing people together for a collective experience. The feelings of excitement and unity that are evoked by the Olympics are what the Playbox is all about, and what we want to convey in these point-of-purchase posters. The iconic nature of the Olympic imagery allowed us to keep the design simple and concise. This allows the message and feeling to be quickly communicated, while leaving plenty of room for the imagination of the viewer. The store will match the tone of the posters in order to create an overall atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for this awesome initiative. LEGO Playbox is here, so let the games begin!

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